Technical Reports

Index of Internal Reports

Technical reports SPIR (Subatomic Physics Internal Reports)

High Intensity Gamma Source

The University of Saskatchewan's Subatomic Physics group is involved with experiments at the High Intensity Gamma Ray (HIGS) facility at the Duke Free Electron Laser Laboratory (DFELL). There are a series of technical reports and memos intended to outline requirements and suggestions for future photonuclear physics experiments at HIGS.


One of the group's activities at HIGS is photodisintegration studies using the Blowfish detector array. This is an array of neutron detectors arranged approximately as a sphere. There are some technical reports related to the use, maintenance, and upgrades of Blowfish.

GEANT3 Exercises

GEANT3 is a widely used particle tracking simulation for nuclear and particle physics developed at CERN. Finding a simple example of code and a template for new simulations has proven to be difficult. So we put some basic code together as a template along with a series of exercises that undergraduate students and other GEANT3 novices can start from.

Graduate Student Theses

These reports are listed by year and individual.

Summer Student Reports

Students hired for our Summer Student program are required to report their work in writing at the end of their term. Their projects range from simulation studies to working with hardware. These reports are listed by year and individual.