Theoretical Issues in Two-nucleon Knockout Reactions

Jan Ryckebusch

Department of Subatomic- and Radiation Physics
Ghent University


The study of electromagnetic nucleon production experiments of the type A$(e,e'p)$ and A$(e,e'pN)$ is an active field. One of its major goals is the study of the limitations of the mean-field picture for nuclei. Two-nucleon knockout experiments offer the opportunity to study central and tensor correlations in nuclei. The extraction of physical information from the data is not a straightforward exercise and involves theoretical modeling. Results of $A(e,e'pp)$, $A(e,e'pn)$ and semi-exclusive $A(e,e'p)$ calculations will be presented. The role of two-nucleon photoabsorption mechanisms for the extraction of spectroscopic factors from exclusive A$(e,e'p)$ processes will be discussed.