Software Maintained by the University of Saskatchewan Experimental Subatomic Physics group.

Title Version Description Software Documentation Keywords
Blowfish GDH Version 1.00

Geant4 simulation of Blowfish with the GDH target fridge included.

File blowfishGDHFridge-1.0.tgz Lucid, Blowfish, Geant4
BlowfishDeuteron Version 1.10

This distribution supersedes BlowfishGDHFridge. It includes code for both the GDH configuration and the normal configuration of Blowfish with a D2O target.

File BlowfishDeuteron-1.1.tgz Plain text icon README-BlowfishDeuteron-1.1.txt Lucid, Blowfish, Geant4
Flux Monitor Codes Version 1.20

Codes used in the analysis and calibration of the 5-paddle flux monitor. Includes codes needed for the use of the monitor. Most are written to be used with Root.

File flux-codes-1.2.tgz PDF icon SPIR-146-1.pdf Root, FluxMonitor
Flux Monitor Codes Version 1.00

Helper codes for the analysis of the 5-paddle flux monitor output from a production experiment - written for Root.

File flux-codes.tgz Root, FluxMonitor
Flux Monitor Simulation Version 1.70

Geant4 5-paddle flux monitor simulation which is needed for analyzing flux monitor output from a production experiment. This version supersees all previous versions. Requires G4Lucid-1.5 and LightOuput-1.3. See the README included for more details.

File flux-1.7.tgz PDF icon SPIR-146.pdf FluxMonitor, Geant4
Flux Monitor Simulation Version 1.60

Geant4 simulation of flux monitor used for calculating the absorption factors needed in the calibration of the 5-Paddle Flux Monitor.

File flux-1.6.tgz PDF icon SPIR-146_1.pdf FluxMonitor, Geant4
G4Lucid Version 1.50

G4Lucid allows a Geant4 simulation to write data in the same format as written by the Lucid data acquisition system. This allows simulation data to be analyzed with the same software as real data.

File G4Lucid-1.5.tgz PDF icon SPIR-147.5.pdf Lucid, Blowfish, Geant4
G4Lucid Version 1.10

Interface between GEANT4 and providing LUCID format output.

File G4Lucid-1.1.tgz PDF icon G4Lucid.pdf Lucid, Blowfish, Geant4
Install Geant4 Version 0.10

A small "how-to" on installing geant4 on Experimental Subatomic Physics computers.

Plain text icon GEANT4_INSTALL.txt Geant4
LightOutput Version 1.40

G4 package for calculating light output from energy deposited for various materials.

File LightOutput-1.4.tgz Plain text icon README-LightOutput-1.4.txt Blowfish, FluxMonitor, Geant4