Internal Reports of The University of Saskatchewan Experimental Subatomic Physics group.

Author Title Report Date File
SPIR-144 Rob Pywell Calibration of the 5-Paddle Flux Monitor for the Bi-209 Compton Scattering Measurement August 2009 PDF icon SPIR-144.pdf
SPIR-143.1 Rob Pywell Tagger Simulation Software Version 1.1 September 2009 PDF icon SPIR-143-1.pdf
SPIR-143.0 Rob Pywell Tagger Simulation Software Version 1.0 May 2009 PDF icon SPIR-143-0.pdf
SPIR-142 Rob Pywell and Ward Wurtz Blowfish Gain Analysis for 2008 Runs March 2009 PDF icon SPIR-142.pdf
SPIR-140 Rob Pywell Calibration of the 5-paddle Flux Monitor December 2008 PDF icon SPIR-140.pdf
SPIR-139 Ward Wurtz Preliminary Design Considerations for HeTIC April, 2008 PDF icon SPIR-139.pdf
SPIR-123 Ru Igarashi Silicone "Cookies" for the Blowfish Detectors July 2004 PDF icon cookies.pdf
SPIR-114 B. Bewer, J. Robb, and W. Wurtz Blowfish Detector Upgrade Manual October 2003 PDF icon upgrade.pdf
SPIR-100 Doug Murray, Glen Wright, Anthony Wilson Lucid User Manual 1995 PDF icon Lucid.pdf