Photodisintegration of <sup>7</sup>Li with progeny nuclei in excited states

We study the reaction channels 7Li + γ → n + 6Li(2.19), 7Li + γ → n + 6Li(3.56), and 7Li + γ → d + 5He(1.27) → n + d + 4He by detecting neutrons produced by photodisintegration events. We find absolute cross sections and angular dependence for 7Li + γ → n + 6Li(2.19) at photon energies 13 and 15 MeV and for 7Li + γ → n + 6Li(3.56) at the photon energy 15 MeV. The incident photons are linearly polarized and we report dependence of the cross sections on polarization. For the reaction channel 7Li + γ → d + 5He(1.27) → n + d + 4He we obtain an upper bound on its cross section at photon energies 12, 13, and 15 MeV.

W. A. Wurtz, R. E. Pywell, B. E. Norum, S. Kucuker, B. D. Sawatzky, H. R. Weller, S. Stave, and M. W. Ahmed
Journal Reference: 
Phys. Rev. C 92, 044603 (2015)