Experimental Subatomic Physics

Department of Physics and Engineering Physics

University of Saskatchewan.

Our research program centers on photon induced reactions. Measurements are designed to test fundamental concepts and assumptions in subatomic physics.These include: testing current models of the nucleon-nucleon interaction through photodisintegration of light nuclei, looking for new physics through direct measurement of the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rule for the Deuteron, testing the model of the deuteron through measurement of the neutron polarization following low-energy photodisintegration of the deuteron, and testing QED predictions of the gamma ray pair-production asymmetry.

Opportunities for Summer Student and Graduate Student Positions

There are apportunites available summer student and graduate student positions in our research group. As you can see from other information on this web site we have several ongoing projects that would be perfect for a summer student project or for MSc and PhD projects.Please send an email to Rob Pywell with an expression of interest.

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